remember typewriters?

A little background ABOUT US.

We have been around since typewriters, longer than the Internet, before the days of drag ‘n drop front-end web designing, before Google, before Facebook.

We remember when everything was coded from scratch, behind the scenes, when HTML was still new.

Our skills have evolved alongside all things digital, and we are always up to date on the essentials of creating a modern look and feel with up to date technical specifications.

Our extensive experience includes 20+ years of programming development, arts and design, desktop publishing, creative marketing and social media.  On the side, you can throw in cryptography, meteorology, tech editing, professional musical leadership, along with all the functions required to keep a business running smoothly, like book-keeping, records, planning and over 25 years of retail experience.

Today, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients including graphic and web design, custom web programming and development, logo design, mobile apps, custom core programming, data and IT infrastructure, social media and other marketing support, as well as hardware system repairs and upgrades.  We also offer layout and templating for printed materials.

Located in Southwestern Ontario, we bring our unique Canadian slant to the table in addition to our experienced global connections.

IN A NUTSHELL, we offer :

Logo design + branding, business marketing materials (print / virtual / blog)
Website design / front end development, including ecommerce and/or catalogue / databases, content management (CMS)
IT Networking
Computer / System clean-up or repair
Mobile Apps
Personal training – websites, general internet use, conferencing
Social Media Marketing
Knitting pattern design/publishing (layout and tech-editing, grading)

Please see our Technical Services page for details.

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