About Us

Lori Law – owner-operator at Oceanwind Knits

Internationally known applied designer and artist Lori Law established indigoblues.ca in 1999, first as an online gallery, later expanding to include a full range of Internet support services.  Since 2005 Lori has owned Oceanwind Knits, a hand-dyed yarn company, and has published knit designs for major publications as well as on Ravelry.com.  She also tech edits for other designers, and spins and weaves.



Mark Law, CCP – dancingbear on Imagekind.

Mark Law has been involved in computer technology and applications for more than 30 years, programming, maintaining and general tinkering with every imaginable computer from Burroughs mainframes to laptops. Since 1994 Mark has concentrated on web based applications and development, along the way creating more than 300 business and personal websites as well as consulting on close to 500 others.  He takes care of the ‘geek stuff’ at indigoblues.ca.